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  • Shop for Your Executive Office This Weekend

    We're halfway through February and you know what that means. It's time for our big Presidents' Day Weekend sale! Shop 15% off of pre-owned conference tables, seating, private offices, and lounge befitting of the future leaders and current management in your company. The sale is valid now through Monday!

    Preseident's Day Sale
    Celebrating Our Office

    We take pride in our successes, so we rang in a stellar January by breaking in our new employee lounge. Planned by our own designers and put together by our own team, we enjoyed each others' company within our company!

    Team Foosball Our guys playing foosball.

    The area is decked out with a television and soft, leather sofa with room for employees to hang out on their laptops and keep up on current events. A fully stocked fridge is available in case someone finds themselves dehydrated while working!

    Hanging out. Everyone hanging out after a long day at the office.

    A ping pong table rounds out the space so coworkers can challenge each other and stay active on breaks.

    Ping Pong A legendary match between Tom in accounting and Mark, the President.

    Keep Bundling!

    Don't forget! Office Furniture Center offers 25% off pre-owned seating when you bundle with any pre-owned conference table, training table, desk, or workstation! Shop pre-owned today for this great deal!

    Bundle & Save on Pre-owned

    Last Chance for Savings

    Last Chance Section at Office Furniture Center

    Do you need a spare office chair for your home? Do you want to change the look of your reception area, but have a small budget? Visit our showroom, shop our Last Chance section, and save big on one-off, well-worn final sale product.

    Does your break area need a refresh and a touch of fun? Contact us and let us show you what we can do for your employees' space!

  • Kicking Off February!

    This month marks significant savings on pre-owned items as well as attractive new arrivals. Shop Office Furniture Center today and find exactly what your office needs.

    Make a Bundle, Save a Bundle!
    Starting now and extending while supplies last, our pre-owned workstations, conference tables, training tables, and desks can be bundled with almost any pre-owned seating at Office Furniture Center. Not only does this give you more options to furnish your office, but it also allows us to better fit your price point, with an additional 25% off the pre-owned seating you choose to bundle.


    Coming Soon!
    Incoming this week are a variety of seating, private offices, and gorgeous granite desks and tables. Here’s a sneak peek:

    bundle_2 DK799 IMG_2080


    Refurbishing Projects Now on Behance
    Browse and be inspired by our new refurbished projects folder on Behance!

    Side Chair (3) Wingback (7)

    Marble-ous Vintage Tables!
    relic banner-01-01

    Through February, Relic Furniture Gallery's shines a spotlight on their gorgeous collection of marble tables. Ranging in size from side tables to full conference, these beauties add a touch of glamour to any space and are available immediately from our showroom floor!

    Contact us today with your needs or questions!

  • Workstation Bundles & Herman Miller Aerons

    Office Furniture Center is back at it again! We've got new deals, new pre-owned workstation options, and incoming Herman Miller Aerons, so we can continue to offer you attractive, economical, and immediate furnishings for your office space.

    New Workstations
    Shop affordable workstation options just in this month! Click through to view options for configurations.

    These modern benching stations feature a minimalist palette for easy integration into your office space.
    Quantity: 90

    For the value driven buyer, function meets a basic form at a fraction of the cost with this practical 6x6 design.
    Quantity: 36

    Clean lines, ample storage, and an accommodating surface make this modern workstation perfect for encouraging focused work habits.
    Quantity: 60
    Simple and attractive Ethospace brightens your office with glass accents, allowing for a more collaborative and productive work environment.
    Quantity: 54
    Neutral gold fabrics and cherry surfaces mingle well in a number of spaces and set a sophisticated look for your office.
    Quantity: 40

    Mesh to the Max!
    Coming soon! 200+ Aerons are rolling in to our showroom. Also shop our colorful supply of Humanscale Liberty Task Chairs, including the refurbished Liberty in Playful Carrot.

    Bundle Up
    Starting this November, OFC offers several workstation bundles to fit any of your budget constraints or style preferences. Choose from the following pre-owned workstations and pair with a pre-owned task chair for a savings of 15% off.

    Looking for something specific? Contact one of our sales representatives and get exactly what you and your office needs.

  • Leap into Increased Productivity!

    Our bodies are unique, which makes it a challenge to find the right chair to fit multiple users. Choose the Steelcase Leap task chair, which is proven to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and increase productivity up to 17.8% by offering unique adjustability and effective ergonomic functions. Studies found that offices who encourage the use of Leap chairs paired with ergonomics training experience less absenteeism and back pain among their workers. The Leap’s features make this a chair that is as “dynamic and supple as the human spine.” *

    Office Furniture Center stocks a variety of 500+ Premium Pre-owned Steelcase Leap task chairs and we illustrate every feature of the Leap chair to ensure that your office performs at its best. To make finding the right chair simple, we've created the above infographic for each Leap chair model so you can confirm the ergonomic functions that you need are available. The below graphic shows how easy it is to compare the available functions of each chair model with those listed in the description of that specific product page.

    Only through October, shop Pre-owned Steelcase Leap task chairs and save 25% off every fourth chair you purchase!


    *Figures pulled from Steelcase's "Learn About Leap."

  • Add Pops of Color to Your Office!

    Does your logo exude the optimism and warmth of bright orange, but your employees are hanging out under a black cloud? Get your people in the right head space by choosing the right color for your work place! Shop Office Furniture Center for a spectrum of selection and savings!

    “We’ve Got the Blues”
    11-01 If you're a blue type, we know you're far from feeling the blues! Blue is a classic color that emits reliability and tranquility, so a blue team is centered from project concept to completion. From cobalt to cornflower, your office stays cool and collected like a flowing stream. Represent your business as the standard for trust by bringing a little blue into your atmosphere with relaxing reception furniture, resolve-strengthening Humanscale Liberty task chairs, or training tables that mimic tranquil pools.

    “Go Green!”
    green-01Green offices are energy efficient from the floors to the lighting, all the way down to how hard their employees work. Green means growth, so encourage your workers to bloom by fostering a sense of sustainability. Our refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace in Chartreuse encourages you to start with a pre-owned structure and add a personalized look.

    “Mad About Red”
    red-01Is your office full of passion and vigor for what you do? Do you want to inspire clients with your "spice of life" attitude? What better way to show your competitors and clients how spirited your company is then to deck it out in red hot fixtures? Red conveys warmth and excitement, so it’s perfect to get your own movers and shakers eager to work. Spark a fire with red cafe tables in your breakroom, unique storage options, or retro seating.

    “Crisp & Clean”
    bandw-01-01What if your office is too busy and your employees need a break for their addled brains? Turn your office into a palace of productivity! KonMari away the clutter and welcome in minimalism. Your team will work with clearer minds as they bask in bright white surfaces, structured black furniture, and touches of all-business gray. Find your center while sitting in the Vitra Alcove Sofa, Allsteel Sum Leather Conference Chair, or the Global Marche Side Chair.

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