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  • Make Small Changes to Improve Office Productivity

    The office is your home away from home, so shouldn't it facilitate your workday? Here are some workplace design trends that will help your work space stay productive.

    Align Your Seating

    Humanscale Liberty ergonomic task chairA chair and desk surface that are poorly aligned make working comfortably a huge challenge. Life Hack advises that feet should be resting flat on the floor and your office chair should feature a slight recline to relieve spinal pressure. By setting your chair height based on where your feet fall and using an ergonomic task chair on a daily basis, you can not only customize your seating experience, but assure that you’ll work in near perfect comfort.

    Provide Adequate Privacy

    Low partitions between workstations can create a more private work space.Recent trends shows a decline in how productive the open concept office style is and staff are pushing to have their own focused work spaces. You can design your office for an open feel while maintaining a quiet, private space by utilizing higher panels and dividers on benching style workstations. An alternative is to create nook spaces within your lounge or break areas where your staff can tuck away and individually concentrate.

    Offering a Variety of Spaces

    Lounge spaces provide ideal alternative work areas.Agile work spaces have become more of a necessity in many companies. Business News Daily reported that offering a few types of work spaces that are adapted to various work styles and tasks ensure that your employees can work more productively. By having semi-private desks alongside breakout areas, conference rooms, and lounge spaces, you allow your staff access to flexible work areas.

    Meeting in the Open

    Clear glass walls provide separation for privacy while creating the idea of easy access to a meeting space.Any room can be transformed into a conference space for spontaneous collaboration. Pair movable or open concept glass walls around classic conference furniture to make it easier to meet. You can also section off a corner and group several smaller training style tables together to imply an impromptu meeting area.

    Find the right furniture to increase productivity in your space. Shop New Arrivals and recently discounted Showroom Highlights.

  • Modern Seating for Your Office

    Now available under our New Arrivals you'll find chic chairs and lounge seating that will seat your office in an ultra modern outlook.

    OFC Modin Vintage Conference Chairs Chair OFC Modin Vintage Conference Chairs

    The OFC Modin Vintage Conference Chair in black or white will add a sophisticated touch to your office's design. The sleek curves and polished materials will pair well with any conference room and the mid- or high-back styles give you an additional option when considering board room application.

    OFC Aura Task Chair OFC Aura Task Chair

    Our OFC Aura Task Chair is the ideal workhorse office chair; not only does it provide built-in ergonomic support for the lower back, but the mesh back provides air flow so you stay comfortable at your desk all day. With two color options available and a middle of the line price point, you can outfit your whole office!

    OFC Cirus Training Chair OFC Cirus Training Chair
    OFC Soft Stacker Chair OFC Simple Soft Stacker Chair

    Do you find that you're short on seating for your training area or break room? The Cirus Training Chair or Simple Soft Stacker are ideal options for either space. Both chairs are armless, allowing them to be tucked under any height work surface and they have the ability to be stacked for quick and easy storage. You'll also sit comfortably in either chair, as they feature slight curves in the backrest so you have support as you're sitting through those long presentations.

    OFC Regal Lounge Seating OFC Regal Lounge Seating

    Outfit your reception or break out area with the classic look of leather and chrome. The Regal Seating collection features armchairs, love seats, and sofas in polished chrome and faux black leather. This cozy, but stylish lounge furniture is the exact upgrade your office deserves.

    If you like this furniture, check out the rest of our New Arrivals!

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  • Celebrate July 4th with Savings Online

    While you're grilling out, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the parades celebrating the U.S.A, remember to shop our sale for affordable pre-owned office furniture.

    20% off on all pre-owned office furniture with code FIREWORKS Shop online now through July 4th!

    From now through Tuesday, July 4th, you can save 20% off all pre-owned office furniture when you apply the code FIREWORKS at your online checkout. The savings don't stop there! Browse our wide variety of clearance product, which has been marked down an extra 10% this weekend.

    Also, starting Friday and running through July 4th our vintage brand, Relic Furniture Gallery is offering 20% off select product and is extending their sale on all Jens Risom furniture!
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  • How would you like your office?

    Your office can have the power to attract clients and inspire staff. But do you know what your work space needs in order to make it the best place for productivity? Check out these examples of the client’s offices we customized to meet their full potential.

    We opened the layout of this office and utilized low-walled workstations. This helped the office stick to a traditional floor plan, while allowing staff a new lease to collaborate more efficiently. As a final touch, we included a pop of color on the paper management.

    Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace with glass panels for clearer sight lines.

    This style allows for more employees in a smaller space, but gives each person necessary privacy to work to their best potential. The side by side mobile lateral files provide plenty of storage in addition to a quick sit down spot for collaboration.

    Herman Miller Ethospace Call Center Style Stations Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Call Center Style Stations

    Want to take advantage of a great view? This style of office gives clear sight lines to the huge windows in the space. This gives every employee access to natural light as well as the spectacular downtown view. Best of all, the open style of the work surfaces allows for plenty of space to spread out. The mobile pedestals underneath the desk surface can easily store any clutter as well!

    Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Stations Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace in a clean and bright finish.

    An office upgrade can improve your work experience. Where would you start with your upgrade?

    Shop for your new office now.

  • Wrapping Up NeoCon 2017

    As NeoCon 2017 drew to a close, we reflected on the various work space styles and office trends that resonated among the different vendors. From modular lounge and flexible soft seating to bright pops of color, benching units and more, there was a universal call to make the office feel more like home while encouraging the ability to collaborate anywhere. Here’s what our staff at Office Furniture Center observed.

    “I noticed a lot of benching, smaller work areas, and interesting ways to partition your space.” -Anson Nguyen, Graphic Designer

    Smaller, utilitarian work spaces are on trend. Smaller, utilitarian work spaces are on trend.

    “Compatico had an interesting new Frame line, the power is able to plug right into the wall, so no electrician is needed.” -Carol Faulkner, Order Fulfillment Manager

    Power options were more flexible to allow for on-the-go working. Power options were more flexible to allow for on-the-go working.

    “I loved the colorful, modular soft seating from Global. They utilized a lot of modular ideas, from chairs that could squeeze between two lounge benches to training chairs and tables that could stack twenty high.” -Katlin Schneider, Marketing Coordinator

    Colorful modular lounge was a popular feature. Colorful modular lounge was a popular feature.

    “This was my first year, so I was overwhelmed with all the amazing and innovative office furniture solutions. As for workstations {there were} a lot more open concept benching stations. We did see a lot of height adjustable workstations.” -Jill Janeck, Office Furniture Specialist

    This year explored benching stations with a variety of dividers. This year explored benching stations with a variety of dividers.

    “{We saw} a lot of the same benching systems with different gadgets. I was pleased with the materials and artwork. I also loved the pop up felt divider with light and power at Haworth. I thought that was really innovative.” -Mayling Sigler, Workstation Specialist

    Unique partitions provide mobile privacy. Unique partitions provide mobile privacy.

    “[This year] definitely had me rethinking workstation design. It has inspired me to improve our showroom to stay on trend in regard to presentation & design of our refurbished product.” -Rebekah Owens, Workstation Specialist Team Lead

    Bright red lounge seating with tablet arms. Bright red lounge seating with tablet arms.

    As a company that specializes in pre-owned office furnishings, new product styles cycle into our showroom after three to five years. NeoCon gives us an idea of what you want to see in your office and how we can use our wide inventory to achieve those trends now.

    How would you bring your office up to trend? Shop Office Furniture Center and ask us about refurbishing your office in these styles!

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