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  • Your Office Wish List

    You’re making a list, checking it twice, going to find out what update will look nice! Let Office Furniture Center help you check off your office wish list before the end of the year!

    ✓ Monitor Arms


    ✓ Task Chairs


    ✓ Breakroom Furniture


    ✓ Conference Room Furniture


    ✓ Lounge Chairs


    Do you have extra funds you need to use up before the end of 2017? Why not put it to good use by updating your office environment to create a fun, functional and exciting place to work?! Visit us now to learn how a few updates can attract new hires, retain your current workforce, increase productivity and impress your clients. We have exactly what you are looking for to complete your office wish list!

  • Increase Productivity in the Work Place

    Want to improve the productivity of your staff? The solution can be as simple as adding monitors, keyboards, and a mouse.

    Adding a second computer monitor will result in faster data entry as well as the ability to compare products side-by-side, transfer data from one document to another and other capabilities. In fact, studies show that using a dual monitor system increases overall work productivity by 20-30%.

    New technologies such as voice-to-text and touchscreen keyboards seem great, but they actually come with a lot of disadvantages compared to a traditional keyboard. Voice-to-Text has the potential for misheard words which forces you to carefully check over each document you narrate. Some speech recognition systems don't automatically add punctuation, further reducing efficiency. Typing on a touch screen requires an on-screen keyboard, which lacks the tactile response of a real keyboard and places your hands at an awkward position, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. Incorrect hand posture causes the horizontal and vertical bending of the wrists, medically known as ulnar deviation and pronation respectively. This is also an issue with laptop keyboards, which is why an external keyboard is an excellent choice for your staff’s well-being AND productivity.

    Like the keyboard, the computer mouse is an older technology that remains superior to its newfangled counterparts. It’s the navigational instrument of choice for a graphic designer or anyone doing intricate work on a computer, with has significant ergonomic and efficiency benefits compared to a trackpad on a laptop or a touchscreen computer.

    These are just a few simple ways that an office can help raise productivity. But what would it cost to have these time-saving items added to your office? Not much actually. Here at Office Furniture Center we sell used electronics at a fraction of the cost of brand new out-of-the-box technology.

    If you’re looking to make some end of the year facility budget purchases, we think spending that budget on equipment that will increase your offices overall productivity. Shop with us

  • ANNOUNCING! The Fall Inventory Reduction Sale!

    This sale is FALLing into your lap. Shop now and save 25% on a HUGE selection of inventory. We’ve put deep discounts on desks, chairs, conference tables, and much more. You will have to see it to believe it! Score the best prices of the year while you can. Sale starts NOW!

    Shop online now or come visit us at our showroom located at 4800 West Roosevelt Road in Chicago, IL!

    Shop Office Furniture Center Today!

  • Saving Money on the Necessities

    Setting up a new office space can be overwhelming, and very expensive. It can get even more expensive when you take into account the electronics you need to keep opperations running smoothly. Take a look below at the average costs for some of the most popular office electronics:

    Computer Monitor: $100-200

    Computer Keyboard: $35-90

    Computer Mouse: $15-30

    Office Phone: $125-400

    When you figure you needs these items or each employee in your office, those already high prices can get out of hand quickly. Well, that’s where Office Furniture Center steps in. We now sell used office electronics at affordable prices. See how our prices compare:

    Computer Monitor: $15

    Computer Keyboard: $5-9

    Computer Mouse: $1 (we’re not joking!)

    Office Phone: $25

    Come check out our showroom or shop with us online and see how Office Furniture Center can save you money on the things you need the most (and maybe use that money you saved for a couple boxes of doughnuts, everyone likes doughnuts!).

  • Happy Halloween from OFC!

    This part Friday, October 2th, Office Furniture Center employees put their design skills to the test with the First Annual OFC Pumpkin Carving Contest. Employees brought their carving, slicing, and dicing skills to the test to create some pretty memorable masterpieces. Check out this winner designed by our in house graphic designer, Anson featuring a Herman Miller Aeron Chair!

    Also, don’t forget to come stop by our showroom by November 4th for our Fall Warehouse Clearance Sale. Save up to 30% on some amazing pieces to tie your office together and create a functional workspace. Time is running out, don’t miss out on one of the best sales all year! We have all your office furniture needs under one roof. Come on by 4800 West Roosevelt Road in Chicago!

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