Your office can have the power to attract clients and inspire staff. But do you know what your work space needs in order to make it the best place for productivity? Check out these examples of the client’s offices we customized to meet their full potential.

We opened the layout of this office and utilized low-walled workstations. This helped the office stick to a traditional floor plan, while allowing staff a new lease to collaborate more efficiently. As a final touch, we included a pop of color on the paper management.

Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace with glass panels for clearer sight lines.

This style allows for more employees in a smaller space, but gives each person necessary privacy to work to their best potential. The side by side mobile lateral files provide plenty of storage in addition to a quick sit down spot for collaboration.

Herman Miller Ethospace Call Center Style Stations Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Call Center Style Stations

Want to take advantage of a great view? This style of office gives clear sight lines to the huge windows in the space. This gives every employee access to natural light as well as the spectacular downtown view. Best of all, the open style of the work surfaces allows for plenty of space to spread out. The mobile pedestals underneath the desk surface can easily store any clutter as well!

Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Stations Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace in a clean and bright finish.

An office upgrade can improve your work experience. Where would you start with your upgrade?

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