Refreshed HM Ethospace Workstation (2.5'D x 5'W x 54"H)

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The incredible value of a Herman Miller Ethospace workstation continues to grow as time passes. Its structure and interchangeable tiles ensure that your office look will remain modern. You need the flexibility and durability that an Ethospace system gives you to ensure you meet the demands of an ever-changing business world.

Take a look here at how Office Furniture Center has custom designed Herman Miller Ethospace workstations for clients in the past!

Refreshed Herman Miller Ethospace workstation, size 2.5'D x 5'W x 54”H. Features metal frames with pre-owned fabric and glass tiles. Fabric is Linen/Natural. Includes (1) 30"W top dot matrix patterned glass tile. Trim is newly painted, color Light Grey (LG). Includes (1) pre-owned work surface, 30"D x 60"W. Surface is wood grained pattern, color Walnut. Storage includes one (1) pre-owned mobile BF pedestal. Workstation includes a down panel at the end of run, color Soft White (LU). Power is supplied via National Electric Code (NEC) components in the base of panels, two (2) duplex receptacles per station (components to meet Chicago power code requirements are available as needed). Power infeed (PI) to connect to the building source power provided at additional charge (requires a licensed electrician to connect to building power supply). Data/IT components are not included. Allow two weeks for delivery for orders over 10 units.

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Workstation Model: Herman Miller Ethospace
Condition: Pre-Owned
Station Type: Frame & Tile
Workstation Height (Inches): 54
Workstation Width (Feet): 5.0
Workstation Depth (Feet): 2.5
Surface Dimensions: 30x60
Surface Finish: Laminate
Panel Finish: Linen/Natural
Power Type: National Code
Storage: (1) Mobile BF
Wardrobe: false
Additional Notes: Refurbished panels, pre-owned surface, pre-owned storage,
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Manufacturer Herman Miller
Condition Pre-Owned
Quantity 00010
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