HM Public Office Landscape Two-Seat Desk w/ Sectional

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Herman Miller Public office Landscape was designed to blend the privacy benefits of a classic cubicle workstation with the collaborative benefits of a benching station. The flowing design and ergonomic positioning for both guests and primary-users create a comfortable environment for growth. Herman Miller believes that collaboration is not exclusive to conference rooms or desks - it happens everywhere.

Pre-owned Herman Miller Public Office Landscape is comprised of (2) desk seats and (1) sectional loveseat, (1) blue divider panel separating seats and white post legs with metallic silver trim. Chicago code power.
- (2) desk seats (each 29"D x 75"W x 13"H) each with a cherry laminate surface, (1) power/USB port, (1) grommet, (1) white painted steel understructure bin, (1) white laminate
- (1) sectional loveseat (29"D x 58"W x 30"H) with Network-wrapped suspension back in Twilight Blue (1A906) with Twilight (97) black frame finish
Overall dimensions: 58"D x 104"W x 43"H. -PREMIUM GRADE-

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Condition: Pre-Owned
Peninsula Top: 0
Reception Desk: 0
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Manufacturer Herman Miller
Condition Pre-Owned
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