Space Planning

Fully Customizable Office Furniture

Whether you're looking to create an office that matches the colors of your brand, want to reupholster your seating, or want to add extra storage to your workstations, our refurbishing and remanufacturing team will tailor your office furniture to suit your needs. With over 15 years of remanufacturing experience, expert craftsmen specializes in creating tailored products to reimagine your office space.

In-House Remanufacturing

Office Furniture Center's 250,000 Sq. Ft. facility is home to an experienced team of furniture experts and craftsmen. When we receive products for refurbishing, our team handles all aspects of the project- From stripping the original fabric, to painting the trim and quality control. OFC specializes in Herman Miller Action Office II (AO2) and Herman Miller Ethospace workstations. To learn more about our workstation remanufacturing process, click the links below!

Workstation Customization & Design

Our team of office planning and design experts will provide all of the services that you need to properly furnish your upgraded office space. Our designers will create a floor plan that takes into account your existing team structure, overall business objectives, and predicted changes in staff levels and office culture to create a space that is attractive and functional.

State-Of-The-Art Design Services

When it comes to furnishing an office, we understand the importance of attention to detail. Our team will work with you to identify potential issues and how we can overcome them in a creative way to create your perfect office space. Our design team is well-versed in the latest interior design applications and use AutoCAD to create accurate space plans and 3-D renderings of your interior so that you can visualize your future space. View examples below!

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