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How To Choose The Right Desk

Looking to upgrade your desk, but don’t know where to start? Our team of experts has put together a simple guide to help you learn how to choose the right desk. This guide won’t tell you which desk to get, but rather explain the differences in desks to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right desk is crucial for creating your perfect workspace. Having the proper surface shape, storage, and size can bring your office to the next-level. Here are our tips for selection the right desk to fit your needs.

Desk Shape & Size

The most important part of choosing your desk is simply the shape and size. Make sure to measure your room and the area where you want to place your desk so that you aren’t surprised after your purchase. The shape of a desk typically falls into one of four categories:

Straight Desks / Credenza Shells

A straight desk is your standard office desk. It will have a straight worksurface and in some cases, storage (either pedestals or files) on either side of where you sit. Straight desks are typically the most affordable option, as they are the smallest. Straight desks are great for those who are looking to furnish a smaller area or are going to a minimalist aesthetic.

L-Shaped Desks

L-Shaped desks are designed to fit into the corner of a room. Almost always built with a 90-degree angle in the worksurface, this is a great option for those who use multiple monitors, need a little extra surface space, or like to separate where they write from where they type. L-Shaped desks are typically made in two-main pieces: the straight desk and a ‘return,’ or a shorter, straight surface that fits perpendicular to the main worksurface. In most cases, L-Shaped desks come with storage on both ends of the unit.

U-Shaped Desks

U-Shaped desks are typically the largest desks that you can get, and are great for those who interact with clients at their workspace and have an entire room to dedicate to their desk. U-Shaped desks are composed of a typical L-Shaped desk (straight desk with return) and a rear hutch (another straight surface). U-Shaped desks offer maximum surface area, which is great for those who deal with large amount of documents and books. U-Shaped desks typically have the most storage options, and in some cases, overhead storage (which mounts to the rear wall above the hutch) and a tack board.

Private Offices

Private offices are in the same category as a U-Shaped desk in regard to space requirements and storage. The main difference is that private offices are not limited to the tradition desk, hutch and return requirements of a U-shaped desk. In some case, private offices are T-shaped, with space for multiple workers to collaborate. Private offices are fantastic to worker who need maximum space for client meetings, collaboration and document reading.

Office Furniture Center carries thousands of immediately available desks at our showroom. We also offer value-priced new desk options on our website. If you need help picking the right desk for your needs, our team is standing by to help! Fill out the form below to contact our team.

Looking to upgrade your workspace, but don't know where to start? Our team is standing by to help! Fill out the form below to get in touch with your experts.