Make The Most Of Your Office Upgrade

Is your business moving? Are you upgrading the space you’re already in? Upgrading an office can be an overwhelming task, but the end result can make you and your coworkers more productive and happier. Make sure that your furniture selection and interior design is thought out properly using these tips from our Office Transition Experts.

Make sure workers have personal and collaborative spaces

Happy and comfortable employees are naturally more productive. Maximizing your space without making it feel cramped is crucial to success in the workspace. Blending both open areas and quiet spaces make individual work and collaboration easier. Make sure that future growth and staffing changes within the organization are accounted for to prevent limitations on your business. A workspace with a properly thought-out layout can keep stress levels low and productivity high.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Modern decor in your lobby and offices can impact your workers productivity. Blending the best aspects of working from home with the team-based atmosphere of a traditional office can lead to a more successful business. By adding in stylish decor such as plants, wall art and personal lighting, you are creating an environment that is professional, efficient and comfortable. This not only means that your current employees are happy, but also that your business is more appealing to talented job candidates.

Add Storage To Eliminate Clutter

Working in a clean, neat and organized environment will make focusing on the tasks at-hand easier. Adding personal pedestals for employees, private offices with overhead storage and workstations with wardrobe towers makes reducing clutter easy. An organized office is not only more professional, but also more efficient. Finding important documents faster, eliminating distractions caused by disorganized workspaces and better first impressions are just some of the benefits of providing ample storage options.

Add A Splash Of Color

Adding accent colors to seating, walls and flooring will highlight the unique personality of your company. If your company is positioned to disrupt an established industry or is a trusted leader in your area, add some personality! Studies have shown that color selection in the office has a profound effect on brand perception for both employees and customers.

Everyone is different

Small, large, wide, skinny, every person is different. “One-size-fits-all” furniture is not always the best option. Ergonomic chairs, modular workstations, sit-stand desks and comfortable lounge seating help to keep workers comfortable for the entire day. The average worker spends one-third of their life in the office, why not spend it being comfortable?

Keep The Noise Level Down

Studies have shown that we care more about interior acoustics than we do the temperature of our offices. Workers can be up to 66% less productive when exposed to just one nearby conversation. Personal workstations with high walls can help to create a zoned, private environment in an open office space. Acoustic ceiling panels, wall decor, plants, and drone noises all help to reduce noise in the workspace.

Make sure your furniture is built to last

Nobody likes products breaking when you need them the most. Buying high-quality furniture from reputable manufacturers ensures that your upgraded office will last as long as possible. At the same time, budgetary concerns are equally important. For many businesses, premium pre-owned office furniture provides both high-quality products and affordability. Here at Office Furniture Center, our team of Office Furniture Experts will guide you through the price points of all products to help your and your business make a responsible purchase.

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