Whether you work in a large corporate facility, an open concept start-up, or converted a space into a home office, the keystone of any work space is the desk. Office Furniture Center offer options that fit any work style.

Traditional Desks

These desks often feature a sturdier box shape with a separate credenza or bookcase. This style can work in executive or home office situations. While our example is a very traditional style, these desks are also available in clean-lined, modern styles.

L-Shape Desks

Typically found in the private offices of most corporations, L-shape desks cover a larger footprint than traditional desk and credenza combinations and usually include some type of built-in overhead storage.

Corner Desks

For limited spaces, corner desks are ideal for taking advantage of all available real estate. These desks can range from single desks that are shaped to fit in a corner and range as large as something akin to an L-shape desk.

Reception Desks

These desks serve as the gateway to your business. Typically they come in a U-shape configuration, have higher front panels with counter space above, and a standard 29”-30” desktop surface with file style storage underneath.

Sit-Stand Desks

Having made their way onto the office scene within the past several years, sit-stand desks are the modern solution for mobile employees. These adjustable desks offer the ability to move at will so you can move to serve your flexible work needs.

After you've determined the footprint that applies best to your work space, you can narrow down the material of your desk.

Glass: This modern desk material is usually tempered for strength and paired with a steel or chrome frame. A glass desk is perfect for an open space look, but will require frequent cleaning.

Wood Veneer/Laminate: The most common desk material, wood veneer or laminate surfaces can work with a variety of styles. They come in a selection of finishes including maple, cherry, and darker finishes like walnut or mahogany.  

Marble/Granite: Stone top desks communicate sophistication. Whether you want to make a statement in your home office or you're asserting authority via your office design, marble and granite desks are the choice for you.

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