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Office Reconfiguration

Return to an upgraded office Cubicles

2020 has changed the way that employees interact with the traditional office. From higher workstation panels, to a more-spread out seating layout, just about every part of the workspace has changed drastically. Office Furniture Center's team of experts is here to help your team navigate the waters of office reconfiguration to create a safe, comfortable and productive working environment. Watch an example of our office reconfiguration services below:

Comprehensive and State of the Art Reconfiguration Services

When it comes to reconfiguring an office, we understand the importance of attention to detail. Our team will work with yours to identify potential issues and how we can overcome them in a creative way to create your perfect office space. Our design team is well-versed in the latest interior design applications and use AutoCAD to create accurate space plans and 3-D renderings of your interior so that you can visualize your future space using a combination of existing furniture and value-priced upgrades. We can reconfigure Ethospace workstations and reconfigure AO2 workstations on site.

Furniture Reconfiguration Using What You Already Have

Don't think that you need to completely re-furnish your office to meet new social-distancing guidelines. Our team will work with your existing furniture to help save time and money. Our professional design team will evaluate your current furniture and offer you a plan that utilizes existing furniture with new accessories to keep your team safe an productive.

Our team has extensively studied workspace trends and design concepts that need to be embraced to effectively reconfigure an office. These design concepts include:
- Optimizing 'Employee Flow' to reduce contact while employees are walking throughout the office.
- Reconfiguring workstations to implement the '6-feet workstation' concept, allowing employees to sit and work at a safe distance from eachother.
- Implementing one-way foot traffic in working areas, to limit close contact with other employees.
- Installing permanent 'traffic barriers' to reroute foot traffic around highly-populated working areas.

Adaptive Reuse of Existing Furniture to eliminate waste

Our company was founded on the belief that furniture in great condition should not be discarded if you decide to remodel your space. Our team can refurbish and remanufacture your existing furniture as well as reconfigure your space to match the design aesthetic of your upgraded office. This will not only save you money versus buying new office furniture but can also qualify you for LEED Credits and avoid unnecessary waste going to landfills.

Modern Amenities, Value-Priced

Designing an office in 2020 means designing and including accessories to create a comfortable and sanitary workplace. As a trusted office reconfiguration service in Chicago, our huge selection of pre-owned storage, privacy screens, glass tiles and more will help you furnish your office quickly and within budget. See our available options in the image below.

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