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Office Furniture Center:
Certified Pre-Owned Product Tiers

Office Furniture Center receives a lot of certified pre-owned inventory. However, not all pre-owned product is created equally. We have our experts put all of our inbound inventory through a thorough 10-point inspection, which allows us to separate our product into four tiers based on the quality and condition of the item. Please contact a sales representative for more information!

Premium (P): Our premium pre-owned inventory is our top of the line product. This tier includes our top brand names and models, and is product with a long working life ahead of it. You may find some minor scratches or blemishes, but this is the best value you can find on premium office furniture.

A-Grade (A): Our A-Grade inventory is in great condition. You may find some very minor scratches or blemishes but they will not be immediately noticeable. You will save a lot of money on some excellent product.

B-Grade (B): Our B-Grade inventory is in good condition. You will find some scratches, blemishes or tears in fabric but these will be minor and the price will reflect this. There will be no structural damage with the furniture.

C-Grade (C): Our C-Grade inventory is in OK condition, usually having some aesthetic flaw or malfunction, but the quality is still far away from trash consideration. You will not find much C-Grade product in our showroom, but this is an opportunity for someone who really wants to save big.