Product Tiers

Office Furniture Center recieves a lot of premium pre-owned inventory. However, not all pre-owned product is created equally. This is why we have our experts pore over our inbound furniture with a fine-tooth comb, and as a result of this, we separate our product into four tiers of quality based on how much wear it has.

Premium (P): Our premium pre-owned inventory is all but flawless, and in like-new condition. You will be hard-pressed to find any blemishes on this stuff.

A-Grade (A): This stuff is in great condition, but may have minor scratches or blemishes on it, in areas that aren't immediately visible.

B-Grade (B): This stuff is in good condition. It may have minor scratches, blemishes or tears in fabric.

C-Grade (C): These items are in OK condition, usually having some aesthetic flaw or malfunction, but the quality is still far away from trash consideration.