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Space Planning


Our team of office workstation design and planning experts will provide all the services that you need to properly furnish your upgraded office space. Our designers will create a floor plan that takes into account your existing team structure, overall business objectives, and predicted changes in staff levels and office culture to create a space that is attractive and functional.


When it comes to furnishing an office, we understand the importance of attention to detail. Our office space planning and design team will work with yours to identify potential issues and how we can overcome them in a creative way to create your perfect office space. Our space planning, layout and design team is well-versed in the latest interior design applications and use AutoCAD to create accurate space plans and 3-D renderings of your interior so that you can visualize your future space.

Proven Results, Modern Convenience

With over 15-years of experience in office space planning and design nationwide, our team uses our experience to create an efficient and convenient experience for our clients. We use current video teleconferencing & screen sharing technologies to review proposals and drawings with your project team, wherever they may be located. This allows us to capture your feedback in real-time, enabling us to get final solutions into your hands sooner and with less effort.

Adaptive Reuse of Existing Furniture

Our company was founded on the belief that furniture in great condition should not be discarded in a landfill. If you decide to remodel your space, our team can refurbish and remanufacture your existing furniture as well as reconfigure your space to match the design aesthetic of your upgraded office. This will not only save you money versus buying new office furniture but can also qualify you for LEED Credits and avoid unnecessary waste going to landfills.

Achieve A Perfect Fit

When it comes to furnishing an office, the importance of reflecting a brand’s image while also providing necessary equipment is paramount. Office Furniture Center’s pre-owned inventory is completely customizable to fit your needs. From repainting to adding additional storage or glass tiles, we will help you create a perfect fit for your company’s needs.

Modern Amenities, Value-Priced

Designing an office today means including accessories to create a comfortable and sanitary workplace. Our huge selection of pre-owned storage, privacy screens, glass tiles and more will help you furnish your office quickly and within budget. See our available options in the image below.

Reconfigure your existing furniture

Don’t think you have to purchase an entire new office workstation design and layout to meet the new social distancing guidelines. We can work with what you have! Our workstation design team experts can evaluate the existing furniture and offer a plan that adjusts what you have and incorporates some new accessories that will keep your team safe and productive.

Fabrics, Laminates, Trim colors and Finish Options

Click here to download the Office Furniture Center Fabrics, Laminates and Trim Colors Guidebook

Panel Heights

38-39"H: Collaborative

Low panels provide optimal settings for collaboration and are useful when communication among associates is encouraged or required. They are also useful in facilitating supervision and are commonly used as reception stations

46-54'H: Seated Privacy

Seated privacy panel heights provide a degree of visual privacy when seated. They are typically used in environments where some privacy is useful, but communication, interaction or occasional supervision is helpful. Ideal for call centers.

62-70"H: Standing Privacy

Standing privacy panel heights afford general visual privacy in the workstation even when others are standing. Full use can be made of overhead storage in this range.

85-86"H: Full Privacy/Private Office

Private office panels can reach full ceiling heights, providing complete visual and sound privacy.




Aisle Configurations

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Workstation Design Capabilities
Office Customization and Reconfiguration
AO2 Retrofitting Case Study Flyer
AO2 Retrofitting Promotional Flyer

Office Furniture Center are experts on Herman Miller Action Office 2 (AO2) and Ethospace workstations. Learn more about each station by clicking on the links below.

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