Facility Decommissioning

The facility services team at Office Furniture Center is a nationwide leader in asset disposition and space clean-out services. Our eco-friendly approach emphasizes reuse and minimizes waste, so that less than 5% of the FF&E we manage ends up in a landfill.

Office Furniture Center has decommissioned over 12 million sq. ft. of office interiors for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. With a proven process by which we return a workspace to its original condition, our specialists have the versatility and knowledge to coordinate all phases of facility decommissioning, including Asset Disposition and Space Restoration, with minimal disruption to your everyday activity.

Asset Disposition

Asset disposition is the removal of office furniture, technology equipment, machinery, and industrial racking. Rather than shuttling those assets to a landfill, our eco-friendly approach emphasizes reuse and minimizes waste. Office Furniture Center makes every attempt to extend the life cycle through resale, remanufacturing, and recycling.

Space Restoration

Whether you are a landlord needing to prepare a space for a new tenant or you are a tenant needing to fulfill your final lease obligations, we can provide full-service space restoration to return the space to its original, broomswept condition.

Services Include:

  • Patch and repaint walls
  • Replace damaged ceiling tile and grid work
  • Remove and replace carpeting
  • Remove IT cabling and ensure code compliance
  • Disassemble network rooms and industrial racking
  • Dismantle interior and exterior signage
  • Coordinate any other interior alterations, as required by the lease