Setting up a new office space can be overwhelming, and very expensive. It can get even more expensive when you take into account the electronics you need to keep opperations running smoothly. Take a look below at the average costs for some of the most popular office electronics:

Computer Monitor: $100-200

Computer Keyboard: $35-90

Computer Mouse: $15-30

Office Phone: $125-400

When you figure you needs these items or each employee in your office, those already high prices can get out of hand quickly. Well, that’s where Office Furniture Center steps in. We now sell used office electronics at affordable prices. See how our prices compare:

Computer Monitor: $15

Computer Keyboard: $5-9

Computer Mouse: $1 (we’re not joking!)

Office Phone: $25

Come check out our showroom or shop with us online and see how Office Furniture Center can save you money on the things you need the most (and maybe use that money you saved for a couple boxes of doughnuts, everyone likes doughnuts!).