Planning An Environmentally Friendly Office

Possibly the most significant change a business can make is incorporating environmentally friendly design in their office. Going green has a direct impact on business: it enhances your company's reputation among customers and clients while enabling your business to appeal to younger employees. However, like many changes becoming environmentally friendly can often be daunting, as there's plenty to navigate. Therefore, this guide takes you through what you need to do to kickstart or improve your plan to become eco-conscious.


Step 1: Review Your Current Office Design

Many businesses are apprehensive about making the change to a more sustainable office layout because of the perceived cost of going green. However, the change is usually costly because of improper planning.

To mitigate exorbitant expenses, examine your office in its current state and then list aspects – furniture, tech, even decor – that you would like to change. During this process, you can list utilities or equipment that inflate monthly gas or electric costs.

Having this list will help you determine what you need to replace or improve. You can then replace these aspects with more environmentally friendly options.


Step 2: Make Changes According To Impact

Once you have reviewed your design and highlighted areas within your office that you would like to change, focus on actions that will have a consequential impact on your business. This process may require you to set up a team to conduct research or consult with an external firm.

The team should conclude the company's primary objectives for making the change. Possible objectives can include improving your company image, reducing costs, decreasing your environmental footprint, or modernizing your business.


After ascertaining your objectives, you can work on the changes that you should make immediately based on what will further your aims.


Step 3: Find Eco-Friendly Partners

The most straightforward way to begin the process is to find eco-friendly partners and suppliers. Because if your suppliers have already made changes to their business model that impacts the environment, using their services or products ensures you’re making an impact as well.


As an office furniture supplier that sells refurbished furniture, we help our clients start – or continue – their journey into being environmentally-friendly. Our business model has enabled us to save 7 million kilowatts of electricity, 900,000 gallons of oil, and 16,781 cubic yards of landfill. Therefore, choosing to use purchase from our sustainably refurbished office furniture allows you to save money and positively impact the environment. Reach out to Office Furniture Center today to create your sustainable office!