Benefits of an Ergonomic Task Chair

October is National Ergonomics Month. In honor of this we'd like to provide some insight onto the benefits of ergonomic task chairs.


1. They encourage correct posture


An ergonomically designed chair will prevent you from slouching. A slouching posture can also give you headaches, neck pain, back pain, and other discomforts.


2. Workspace-adjustable


It is essential to position the monitor, keyboard, and chair correctly to configure a workstation correctly. The seat height and armrest height of an ergonomic chair can be adjusted to ensure your feet rest flat on the floor while your arms and knees maintain 90-degree angles. Sitting in this position can reduce fatigue and pain in the arms, shoulders, legs, and more.


3. They Help Keep You Cool


A mesh backrest is common in ergonomic chairs. Mesh chairs also offer a modern look and offer cooling airflow to help keep your back dry (rather than sweaty and hot).


4. They Support the Spine, Neck, Hips, and More 


From the seat to the shoulders, ergonomic chairs support your entire torso and promote good posture. It will also include contours designed to follow the natural curve of your back, as well as adjustable lumbar spine protection. A contoured seat will help align the hips and pelvis and relieve tailbone pressure. In addition, the seat cushion has a waterfall front that curves downward to relieve pressure on your legs just behind your knees. Most ergonomic chairs are equipped with a headrest that can be adjusted to support the head and neck.


5. They Make it Easier to Do Your Job


Sitting slouched makes it difficult to reach things on your desk (like your phone, notepad, etc.) without bending forward and straining your back. This repeated action can cause lower back pain over the course of a long workday. A more upright posture, conversely, can help make it possible to reach stuff without leaning forward. Other features common to ergonomic chairs - such as 360-degree swivel and rolling casters – provide additional freedom of movement to make tasks easier.


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