National Ergonomics Month - Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk

Adjustable workstations provide many health and ergonomic benefits. For example, some employees don’t have the flexibility to get away from their workstations every hour. Computer desks with adjustable heights allow users to adjust their body position more easily. As a result, stiff muscles and joints can be prevented. The ability to adjust the height of the desk can also enhance the comfort of the workplace. You can adjust the table according to the comfort level of your employees, whether they are short or tall.


Computer desks with adjustable heights can also help prevent strains and injuries. Common injuries include backaches, wrist problems, and neck pain. Standing for a part of the day can offer relief and aid recovery for workers who have existing back problems. Every employee has a unique body shape, and it is important to accommodate their needs. Tall individuals working at shorter desks, for example, will have to bend over, causing back pain.

    Standing desks can easily adapt to almost any workplace, from private offices to laboratories to industrial settings. Tables can be customized and adapted to improve workplace efficiency. A lower shelf, for instance, can provide convenient storage for a microscope or other equipment. Furthermore, dual-platform computers are great for laboratories when multiple tasks need to be performed simultaneously on a regular basis.     A standing desk can support a weight capacity ranging from 500 pounds to 3,000 pounds. For added mobility, adjustable desks are also available with wheels. In order to use the desk in a static position, the wheels can be securely locked down once they have been moved into place. Most industrial tables come with an adjustable height feature. Heavy-duty lift tables made of stainless steel and light tables that can be adjusted in height are examples of these types of tables. Lab tables with vibration-damping levelers, such as ergonomic microscope tables, are other examples.     For more information on Height-Adjustable Desks and other Ergonomic supplies, contact Office Furniture Center!