Happy Sustainability Day!

In September, Office Furniture Center completed its largest project in company history, a 1.8mil square foot decommissioning of a major insurance company's headquarters in Northbrook, IL.  It was a 7 month project and covered 15 buildings and 62 floors.     In the end, the Office Furniture Center team removed over 33,000 furniture assets from the campus.  Of which, only 1,122 items were sent to the landfill - that is only 3.3%!  The rest were either reused, resold, recycled or donated.     We at Office Furniture Center believe today’s environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. We are doing our part by offering sustainable office furniture solutions. We acquire premium pre-owned office furniture from all over the country to refurbish, recondition & repurpose. These assets are then resold to value-driven and ecologically-minded individuals, firms, and organizations. Our approach allows us to divert hundreds of tons of materials from landfills every year which reduces the need for new furniture production.