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The Mainstay AO2 Station: Durable, Simplistic, Adaptable

Herman Miller AO2 provides exceptional value and return on investment. Based on a monolithic panel system, it's a snap to specify and order. Installation is straight forward and can often be done quickly and expertly. AO2 is a hassle-free solution that is easy to understand and reconfigure.

Proven and Practical

The Action Office system was designed to provide easy and ongoing revision. Half a century later, the first workstation design has proven it can keep pace with an everchanging world. The interchangeable Herman Miller AO2 panels and components of the system allows it to be reconfigured and updated easily. This allows for long-term use, durability, low cost, and a great return on investment.

Hi-Low Layout and Glass Options

ReNewed Options

Office Furniture Center can offer a custom and unique design for your specific office, including color and style. We call this our ReNewed offerings. See some of the examples of what we can do below.



Office Furniture Center can completely reconfigure Herman Miller AO2 cubicles. Don't get an entirely new office, use what you already have. Need to make them higher? AO2 stations can easily be retrofitted with panel and glass extensions. Click below to see a case study, flyer & program guide below.

AO2 Retrofitting Case Study Flyer
AO2 Retrofitting Promotional Flyer

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