The Steelcase Leap Chair: One of the most well-known and well-loved office task chairs on the market due to the comfort it provides. Steelcase developed the Leap in 1999 using the principles of healthy sitting motion during your workday, which theorizes that you can be healthy even while sitting all day - as long as your spine is continually supported by their revolutionary chair. The "spine" in the Leap chair is designed to move as you move, continually supporting you as you change position. Most people here at Office Furniture Center choose to use the Leap as their go-to desk chair, and it is very capable of preserving your comfort from 8am to 5pm.

The patented "Live Back" technology in the Leap isn't the only adjustable part of the chair. This premium task chair also has adjustable lumbar support, seat tilt, height adjustment and more. The designers at Steelcase could not have done a better job. Every piece of the chair mirrors your most minute motion (pardon the alliteration), and Steelcase has even gone so far as to term the chair a "work of biomimicry". Typically these chairs retail for over $900, but here at Office Furniture Center, we are proud to offer premium pre-owned and refurbished Leap chairs for only $395. Browse them now!

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair: Developed by the same designers as their famous Equa chair, Herman Miller institutions Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf came up with the Aeron chair after pondering the question, "What is a chair supposed to do for me?" The task chair they came up with fulfilled all of their desires and more. The Aeron chair fully supports every part of the users body in any position, fits every body type like it was designed for that person specifically, is easily repaired and very eco-friendly, and is of course a work of art.

The Aeron chair was rigorously tested by leading ergonomists, orthopedic specialists, physical therapists and consumers across the country. The futuristic design of the chair was a first of its industry, and the materials and engineering of the chair makes it the icon of design and comfort - a title it has held since its inception and proven by its permanent position at the MOMA. This is by far our most popular product at Office Furniture Center, and we are happy to offer pre-owned Aeron chairs to our customers (when they're available) for over $500 less than retail price. See if we have any.